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Update: 15 October 2012
A few weeks have passed since the fire alarm in Pius X Hall sounded at 2:00 am on 26 September, and we are not yet able to say that things are back to normal. At this date, the hope is that we will see "normal" again by Christmas. But steps in that direction continue and we see some progress.

Though the area that actually burned was relatively small, smoke and soot damage covered the Pius X dorm, which houses 64 students, and the administrative, business and development offices. Students were housed temporarily in the Christian Life Center, the monastery, and the convent of the Teresian Sisters, and the contents of their rooms taken to be laundered or cleaned. As of last Saturday, they were all able to return to the dorm, and their cleaned belongings returned.

Personnel, including the Fr. Gregory and his staff, have been "camping out" in various places on campus. His office is scheduled to be ready early next week, but those working in the other offices will face a much longer wait. All filing cabinets, their contents, and the other contents of the offices are still being cleaned.

One of the most noticeable losses was that of phone and computer service. The Institutional Technology team has been working tirelessly to replace those services, and Internet connection has been established on most of the campus. The new telephone system is scheduled to be ready next week.

So, though perhaps not as comfortable and convenient as before, the daily life of the Seminary College goes on. Mid-semester exams have just ended, a visitation from the Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools to determine our accreditation is scheduled to begin on 22 October, and Deo Gratias is on October 27. We are grateful that things were not as bad as they could have been. No one was hurt in any way. Even though soot and the smell of smoke are still with us, the fire is a not-so-pleasant part of the past. We are busy now turning our efforts to the present and its demands, among these, remembering with prayers and gratitude to God our many thoughtful friends who have helped us through this trial.

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